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Shin Splints Treatment

Shin splints are common among runners, and individuals, young and old, who participate in soccer, football, lacrosse, and dance. One of the common causes of shin splints is periostitis.  Periostitis is an inflammation of the periosteum of the lower leg bones. The periosteum is a dense connective tissue covering the shin bone or tibia.

Periostitis can be caused from overuse that usually develops gradually over a period of weeks to months.  Periostitis can also occur after one excessive bout of exercise that the body is not used to. The periosteum serves as an attachment site for the muscles originating on the tibia.

Muscle overuse causes the periosteum to pull away from the tibia causing inflammation.  Shin splints cause pain along the “shin bone” and may even be red and tender/sore to the touch.  Chiropractic care can be beneficial in helping with shin splints.

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