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Sprains and Strains Treatment

Sprains and strains are extremely common injuries. Sprains cause damage to the ligaments of a joint. A sprain occurs when a ligament is stretched beyond its capacity. Sprains can vary in severity from a few stretched or torn fibers to a complete rupture of a ligament. Some sprains are so severe that they may require surgical repair.

Many people decide to let sprains and strains heal on their own without correcting the root of the problem, which is the bone that is out of place! This is why people say’ “once a sprain, always a sprain.” With chiropractic, it is possible to accelerate the healing process and correct the root of the problem.

For a ligament to be sprained, a bone must move out of its normal location beyond it physiologic limit. The ligament will heal over time, but the bone still needs to be put back into its proper position. By giving a specific chiropractic adjustment to the bone that is out of place, we can accelerate the process and allow for complete healing to take place.

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